Treatment Approach

Continuing Care

Jolimar places a special emphasis on continuing care. All clients completing the program and maintaining the continuing care agreement will be entitled to all privileges relating to continuing care treatment on an individualized and predetermined scheduled basis.

The structured continuing care program meets weekly following discharge from Jolimar. These groups are counselor facilitated and provide intensive group counseling and educational sessions covering a variety of recovery related topics. A strong emphasis is placed on relapse prevention, returning to work and the family system. We refer to aftercare groups in Louisiana, Texas, and the Mississippi Gulf Coast . If you live outside these areas every effort will be made to find aftercare in your area.

Family Involvement

Family involvement is a key component of Jolimar’s philosophy of recovery.

Clients entering Jolimar are encouraged to participate in an educational and therapeutic process. The focus of family program is to restore trust, and open communication among family members. Each participant examines their role in the family system to help resolve unhealthy conflict and to gain an awareness of the recovery process. The Family Program is designed to assist each family member in choosing an individual path of recovery.


The above described treatment approach is accomplished through the use of the following available resources:

A. An Assessment.

B. Multi-disciplinary team approach for individualized treatment planning.

C. Individual counseling sessions.

D. Group counseling and educational groups.

E. Family Program.

F. Continuing Care planning and follow-up. H. Resource referrals.


The treatment approach at Jolimar demonstrates the philosophy that an addictive disease is primary, progressive, chronic, incurable and if left untreated, can be fatal.

Our approach to recovery is based on a multi-disciplinary team focusing on the client’s treatment goals. The staff consist of both recovering and non-recovering professionals, all of which are Licensed or Certified by the State of Mississippi.

We consider that a powerful and energetic effort to move the client towards the appropriate 12-step support group (i.e. AA/NA) is vital to continuing recovery. We teach and encourage alternative drug-free skills and methods to our clients. Treatment emphasis focuses on family of origin issues that are often associated with addictive disorders. While in treatment and following discharge, we believe in total abstinence from all mood-altering chemicals.

The program at Jolimar emphasizes that an important component to a successful recovery is involvement in a structured continuing care. Referrals for continuing care are individualized and provided for each client.