Family Program

Active family involvement is an integral part of the treatment and is essential to the families' continuing recovery from a primary and progressive family illness. In order to effectively address the negative impact of alcohol and drug dependency upon the family system and personal relationships, family groups, individual family sessions and orientation to the twelve step recovery principles of Al-Anon, Al-Ateen, A.A. and N.A.are provided as an integral part of the treatment and recovery process.

Individual sessions with you and your family members are available for the purpose of sharing feelings, exploring conflicts in family relationships, problem resolutions,setting boundaries, seeing family members positive and negative traits ,developing personal growth of individual family members and their relationship with one another and recovery planning for the family. Individual family sessions are scheduled by appointment with your counselor.

Family members and/or significant others are recommended to regularly attend Al-Anon, open A.A. and N.A. meetings for the purpose of understanding and actively participating in the twelve step principled of recovery.